Rivers Plumbing & Electric provides professional plumbing, electric, HVAC, piping, and medical gas installation and service throughout the Carolinas and surrounding areas. Founded in 1943, Rivers Plumbing & Electric provides extensive professional experience in all types of projects, from new design-build construction to renovating existing structures. We have served numerous markets, including hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, public structures, athletic facilities and much more. Specializing in all sizes of commercial, industrial, and public construction projects, experts at RPE are ready to assist you today.


We have offices dispersed across the Carolinas, allowing us to pool our resources and meet the unique needs of our customers at various locations within the region.


Serving our customers and meeting their demands is paramount. We believe in exceeding expectations and forging long-term relationships based on our ability to deliver when it counts.


Our leadership is dedicated to more than just delivering quality and doing what it takes to satisfy our customers for an affordable price. We embrace new technologies and take pride in building structures that will positively impact lives in the future. By embracing renewable energy and making sustainability a priority, we can be comfortable knowing what we build will have a lasting impact.